Soaring through the skies with blistering speed, aircraft pose a huge threat to both airships. However, their fuel reserves are relatively limited. Aircraft are therefore restricted to conducting sorties within the radius of an airbase or airship. Aircraft run on Aerolite Fuel.


Aircraft combat is handled through the skills of the pilots. The two main skills used are Piloting and Shooting, however certain situations may call for Physique or Will checks. To launch an attack on a target, you must first succeed with Piloting to Create an Advantage.

Aircraft do not have their own stats, instead they modify the pilot's stats depending on the type of aircraft. However, aircraft will have their own Hull Stress Track.

Aircraft Categories

Interceptor: 2 Hull Stress, +1 to Piloting, -2 to Shoot vs Airships & Fortifications. Max Speed: 664km/h

The fastest aircraft in the skies, the Interceptor is built around out-manoeuvring opponents. In order to reduce weight, the Interceptor carries the bare minimum in weaponry, carries no bombs and has very thin armour.

Strike Fighters: 3 Hull Stress, +1 to Shoot vs Airships & Fortifications. Max Speed: 586km/h

A compromise between the Interceptor and the Bomber, the Strike Craft is a healthy balance between speed and endurance. Equipped with bombs and decent armour, the Strike Craft has fantastic flexibility.

Bomber: 4 Hull Stress, -2 to Piloting, +2 to Shoot vs Airships & Fortifications. Max Speed: 438km/h

The slowest aircraft, what the bomber lacks in speed and manoeuvrability it makes up for in its armour and armaments. Bombers typically require an escort.

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