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The rarest form of magical control, Astral magicians are able to manipulate souls; the source of life force.

Astral magicians can see souls through the Distortion. They can instantly tell the status of a person through the brightness of their soul. A sick or dying person will have a smaller and darker soul than a healthy person.

Astral Adept

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As an Astral Adept, you feel vitality flowing through you. You have never been sick. Your injuries heal unnaturally fast. The slow decay of age has less of an effect on you. Concentrating this abundant flow of life, you can accelerate your healing even faster.

If you touch another, you can feel their life force from within. You can add to this force with your own, rapidly healing their injuries or supplementing their abilities. You can also draw from this force, sapping their life and supplementing your own...

Notable Astral Adepts include Aurora TruthShield

Astral Caster


As an Astral Caster, you can talk to the dead. You hear them whispering in the distance; the quiet murmurs of the restless spirits. You can pull energy from souls at a distance, weakening their bodies.

You can shape souls released from the dead, forcing them into corpses and binding them to your will. You can release the souls of the restless spirits/undead, returning them to their cold graves. Alternatively, you can compel them to follow your bidding as if you yourself created them.

Notable Astral Casters include William Farcrow