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Elaina Proudspire is the matriarch of the, now decimated, Proudspire family. She resides within the rubble of the Proudspire citadel, a ruined fortress deep within the forests of the East Island, where she leads a militarised group of fey with the aim of claiming the entire island for herself.


Elaina appears to be an graceful elven female of around 175 years of age ( akin to a 35 year old human), however she is actually a strange fey creature of a much greater age. She has a pale green tinge to her skin with long auburn hair extending to around her waist. Her attire ranges anywhere from long formal dresses to full plate battle armour, the only consistency being the blue coloration and the prominence of the Proudspire symbols; a grey spire and an oak leaf.


Aurora TruthShield

Aurora TruthShield is Elaina's estranged daughter who was taken from her by Aurora's father shortly before The Ascension. The two were reunited for a short time late into Auroras "teens" but animosity between the two caused Aurora to return to The Church. Despite only being a half-blooded fey, and resenting the name, Aurora is the only other remaining Proudspire and de facto heir, forcing Elaina to attempt to try and bring her back into the fold out of fear that the line will end with her. Aurora, however, cares very little for her "family" name or their traditions, preferring the traditions of those of who she grew up with and cared about in her past.

This does not care about each other, they are still blood relatives after all. Aurora has been known to visit her mother in times of stress and Elaina will often use birds to keep tabs on her daughter. The two meet eye to eye on many things, especially when it comes to healing, where both do their best to cure as much pain as they can (abet one heals people and the other healing trees).

The Magi and The Plutocrats

Elaina is in open opposition to The Magi and The Plutocrats before them, seeking to claim the eastern Island for herself and the other fey, much to the disgust of the more peaceful fey. Her organisation accepts any renegade fey and rogue magic users. The group specialise in guerrilla warfare, targeting mainly trade links and other cargo vessels. The group has not gone unnoticed however and both governments have hinted them in the past, but to no avail.