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Name: Hector Enel Great: Resources
Refresh Good:
Physical Stress Fair:
Mental Stress Average:

Hector Enel

Hector Enel was a born into slavery under the Marquois family. Upon the assassination of the family head Francis Marquois, Hector fled in the commotion and after changing his name, found work as a Merchant Apprentice under a elderly Dwarf known simply as Boss. He had a keen mind for business and mechanical engineering, which his master implemented to help boost his company.

When his master passed away, Hector took the reins of the company and after only a few short years, is now considered one of the richest Plutocrats in the city. He owns various textile factories which produce silk and satin and employs many Artistans to create products to tailor to the high end clientele of Solace. His factories are considerd the most efficient as he custom designed all the machinery to suit.


Hector is a tall human man, in his early twenties. He has short black hair and light blue eyes. As a member of the elite, he must dress to reflect his status. He wears a black top hat with a green stripe, a long, green tailcoat with lighter green stripes on it, black pants, and as an accessory, simple sun glasses. He has a gold chain hanging from his coat to his pants to which he has a pocketwatch affixed, a black and green striped tie, a small flower in the collar of his coat, and black dress shoes.

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