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Magic is the study and manipulation of the energy that flows through all organic and inorganic matter.

In the world of Soleil, anyone can learn magic, but few truly master it. Magic requires a great deal of training to become proficient, although there are those who possess great natural ability. It is also important to note that different Races can wield magic to different degrees. As a result, there are far less Orc magicians than Elf magicians.

The study of magic is split up into antipodal schools. Each school in the pair counters the other.

  • Holy and Unholy
  • Tuning and Detuning
  • Insight and Illusion
  • Force and

Countering Magic

Should two practitioners of opposite schools meet in combat, success is determined by the skill of the caster. For example, a powerful Insight magician will easily see through a novice Illusionist's deceptions. Likewise, a skilled Debilitation magician will weaken a target faster than a less skilled Augmentation magician can strengthen it. Without the appropriate counter school, it is impossible to reverse the effects of a school.

Magic as Skills

Along with the skills in Fate Core, you can also take magic schools as a skill.

Each school utilises magical force in different ways. As a result, each school requires different specialist training and knowledge. It is possible for someone to learn two or more schools, however this will force a limit upon the levels at which the magic can be used. Therefore it is recommended that magicians specialise in a single school.

Casting magic is all about control of energy, and it is treated as a skill test. Should you fail, you have two options:

  • Force Control - The incantation proceeds as planned but you recieve significant levels of mental stress. This is determined by the difference between your skill check total and what you needed to achieve. Succeeding at a minor cost results in 1 mental stress damage.
  • Lose Control - Control of the incantation is released, resulting in the spell going awry.

It is important to note that when casting a spell you are often controlling a near lethal amount of energy. Should you Lose Control the results are disastrous. Losing control in an attempt to heal a comrade's arm for instance could result in the arm being ripped off, severing the axillary artery.