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The Psionic Magician perceives reality on a very different level from those around him. The Psionic's source of power is his own mind, or the minds of those around him.

The Psionic Magician can see the minds of others in the Distortion like glowing orbs in the dark. More importantly, they can sense the emotions of the person through the colour of the orb. The luminosity of the orb is directly related to the activity level of the mind; someone sleeping will have a much dimmer orb than someone working out a mathematical equation.

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Psionic Adept

As a psionic adept, your mind functions at a much higher rate than those of your peers. You think clearer, faster and can store more information than those around you. Your senses heightened, your vision reveals fine details unnoticeable to others. Some psionic adepts have even been known to see into the future. Furthermore, you can harness this mental force into a physical attack, striking a target with your ki.

Psionic Caster

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As a psionic caster, you can hear the thoughts of those around you. You can enter the depths of their conscience. You can read their thoughts, their memories; their hopes and fears open to you. You can alter their thoughts, their memories. Bend them to your will.