An ancient and prestigious organisation, the Alchemist's Guild has long predated the city of Solace. Whilst it went through a period of stasis, a new iteration was officially formed in Anno 182 NP after The University of Solace was set up.

The Alchemist's Guild initially focused their efforts in finding a solution to The Rot, they soon began to turn to more profitable experiments, serving the corporations instead.

The Alchemist's Guild holds close ties with The University of Solace, offering employment to graduates of chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology and related fields of study.

  • Leader: 
  • Formed: Anno 182 NP.
  • Status: Active
  • Ambitions: To further knowledge of the chemical sciences.
  • Motivations: Financial gain, gain of knowledge.
  • Methods: The Scientific Method.
  • Supporters: The Magi, The University of Solace
  • Enemies: -
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