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The Cathedral of Light is one of the largest and most visually impressive buildings owned by The Church of the Crossed Heart. It sits in the heart of tier III's market district, standing tall over the rest of the buildings in the area. Construction began in 204 NP being completed in 211 NP.


The building itself is very much in a neo-gothic design, shaped with a lower central square with raised outer sections. It is constructed predominantly out of white marble with a foundation made from slabs of silver grey granite. The roofing, however, is where the building gains its splendour. The roof is asymmetric in design; the interior is a sharply angled mirror to reflect light into the central chamber through a skylight. The outer roof has a much shallower slope and is made of a specialised foil-like material designed to create a rainbow effect across the entire surface whilst being resilient enough to withstand even the harshest of elements.

Thanks to the roof, the central chamber, where the alters and statues reside, is provided a great amount of natural light, even at night.


Work first began on the Cathedral late into 204 NP. Originally the plan was to build a single large tower, with two smaller towers on the side. Plans changed in 206 NP when extra land became available as a result of a fire within a near by market and the current design was drawn up, taking full advantage of the new technology available at the time.