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The Distortion is an alternate view of reality that any practised Magic User can witness. It is named so due to how it appears to the user; most ordinary details are obscured, dim and blured. Colour is faded to monochrome. Sound is heard as if underwater.

All objects lose a large amount of their opacity in The Distortion, allowing the user to see through everything in their vision radius.

Exactly what is percieved is down to the individual's magic type. Casters can perceive within a 100 metre radius. Adepts can perceieve within a 25 metre radius, and can feel a much greater depth of information, especially when touching a target. The vision of the Distortion fades to black around the edges of the radius of sight.

Seeing into The Distortion is a near effortless feat once learned, and therefore does not require any Mental Stress to maintain. Vision of ordinary things becomes much harder however, therefore you will recieve a -4 penalty to Notice checks.