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A group of six magic users who hold supreme power over Solace. Each of the Magi wields a different form of magic. They launched a successful coup, The Night of Broken Chains, in Anno 706 NP. Utilising support from defectors within The High Council and their own abilities, they were easily able to seize control.

Since rising to power, the Magi have established a cult of personality, escalating their status to pseudo-godlike level; they claim they are prophets from The Twelve. They are also portrayed as the valiant heroes who defeated the inefficient and outdated High Council.

The Magi believe that society needs to return to the golden days of old. They see that The Rot has been forgotten over the ages, and therefore the purpose of those living in Solace is to restore the world to the way it was before.

In an effort to return society to the glorious days ofThe Old Kingdoms, slavery was reinstated in Anno 720 NP. This has in fact improved the lives of many in the Outer City, as it offers them a chance to escape from the slums.

The ban on magic was also lifted in Anno 724, and the Witch-Hunter's Order was disbanded. All magic users are now known as those "Blessed by The Twelve", their previous status as scapegoats forgotten. All magic users must now join The Restoration, or face arrest and/or execution.